Upon arrival in Puerto Maldonado, at the airport or bus station, you will meet your guide, who awaits you and will transfer to our office located in the center, where you will be able to return to pack and leave luggage Which you will not have to take to the tour.

Then we will go to the tourist port (Puerto Capitanía), from where we will embark on a motorboat, which will take us for 45 minutes downstream to the port of Sandoval, and we will enter Lake Sandoval located inside the Tambopata National Reserve, To reach Lake Sandoval we will have to walk 3km. (Muddy in the wet season) in about an hour and we will arrive at a small port, where we will take a canoe of oars, and after half an hour of paddling we will arrive at the Lodge, we will have a welcome with a typical juice of the zone, and after A brief explanation about the hostel we will be staying in a comfortable room. After a break, at night we go for a walk in the forest to go in search of the nocturnal monkey (Musmuqui), frogs, snakes and insects that are active at night.


Very early on board a canoe we will go around Lake Sandoval trying to see some of the most important conserved species in the lake, considered as a flag species, animals that live in small and very territorial family groups: the giant river wolf Or otters (the largest in the world) that feed on fish and around the lake in the morning. We will return to the cottage for breakfast, after the short rest, we will go out for a walk in the forest, to learn more about medicinal plants and diurnal mammals such as monkeys, wild cats, peccaries and birds such as toucans . We will also try to know about the ecology of Brazil nut tree or chestnut tree that is considered as a kind of umbrella because it helps to protect other species of flora and fauna. Return to the lodge for lunch and siesta time. In the afternoon we will go out again to take a canoe and go around Lake Sandoval to visualize the monkeys (capuchins, squirrels, red howlers), herons, kingfishers, cormorants, shanshos that live and feed in the forest around the lake , When we return to the lodge we can see the reflection of the eyes of the black caimans that normally hunt at night on the lake shore, we will approach them, we will take photos.


5:30 am. in the morning a short walk through the canopy walk-way, about 40 meters high, allowing us to have a panoramic view of the Madre de Dios River and allow us to observe different species of birds, including toucans, trogones, macaws, tanagers, orioles, etc.

Breakfast and return to the city, transfer to the airport or bus station.


  • Guide service
  • Transportation airport-airport -Lodge
  •  Food (2 breakfast, 2 lunch, 2 dinner),
  • Entrance to the Tambopata National Reserve. $ 12 dollars.


  •  Alcoholic drinks
  • Tips
  • Transportation Cusco-Puerto Maldonado – Cusco

1.- By bus ( $ 30 usd  one way)

2.- By flight ( $ 120 usd  one way)


  • Small Luggage
  • clothes for warm weather and humid
  • Long-sleeve shirt
  • Pants, hat, swimwear
  • Hiking shoes, boots
  • Binoculars
  • Flashlights
  • Personal medications
  • Personal Blocker
  • Mosquito repellent


  1. The reservation amount is not refundable , is used to buy the ticket entrances and arrange all the tour program.
  2. Payments by Paypal and VISA has a fee of 6 %, that is not cover by the travel agency.
  3. If you don’t appear in your Hotel teh day of your pick up for the trek or journey , will after 15 min considered as not show, it means you will miss all the travel package.
  4. The travel agency doesn’t have any responsability if you will lost your personal belongins along the trail or transportation, we suggest all teh time check your personal staff.
  5. The Payment of the balance must be done 48 hours in advace, in the travel office, will much better in cash (dollars or peruvian soles at the day rate).
  6. Any type of claim or incongruity, which is not in accordance with your reservation form please express it before the tour, during the briefing, so that we can give an immediate solution.
  7. If the passenger on the day of pickup is in a state of drunkenness, it will be considered a serious fault, and according to Peruvian laws, we will avoid taking you to travel, thus safeguarding your health and integrity. Therefore you will lose your journey.
  8. Passengers who claim theft of their belongings, only to request an amount of money from the embassy, will be placed at the disposal of the police inspectorate, and if it finds, the flagrante delicto, will be denounced and forced to pay a civil Equivalent amount of false theft.
  9. Please tell us your exactly adress and name of your hotel in Cusco, in order to avoid delays for the treks&tours.
  10. ECO PATH TREK will not refund if the participant decides to cancel 48 hours before the departure day or during the trip.
  11. Whether ECO PATH TREK does not confirm your booking, your payment will be refunded in full.
  12. Participants must declare if he / she has disease or medical condition and must bring his / her own medication.
  13. All participants must bring their original passport and, if applicable, your original ISIC student card , with valid expiration date.
  14. All clients must have their personal travel insurance his/her insurance must cover, accident, medical expenses, loss of effects and all other costs incurred due to the loss, damage or injury that occurs to the client. the travel agency shall not be liable for causing an accident or loss of personal belongings of the client.
  15. In the event of force majeure that occurs as the inability of the Program or a hike through exceptional or unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of ECO PATH TREK as Operation: conditions to operate extreme weather conditions, landslides, strikes or place them on risk, the sudden inaccessibility of route, etc. Are not allowed. Eco Path Trek propose practical solutions to want to run that program within the deadlines, or if it is not possible, then to propose an alternative program. If the alternative program chosen by the customer is less than the originally booked the customer is entitled to a refund of the price difference.


USD 290



We will pick you up from your hotel at 4:30 am, and then we go in a private transport to Mollepata where you will have breakfast.