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We are a travel agency that shows social work with them, we provide them with the appropriate clothing for the treks that our company operates. Our porters have one of the best working conditions, they do not carry more than 25 kilograms, the food is the same as our passengers, and most importantly the work environment is very great.
These men are the heart of our company. It is not possible to create the experience we provide without the incredibly hard work of our team of goalkeepers.

We do our best to treat them with respect, providing fair wages and adequate equipment and We take care of your health.

His job is to go up and down the rugged Andean mountains all the necessary camping equipment that tourists need during the four or five days it takes to walk the Inca Trail.

Who are our porters?

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Our porters are men of different ages from 18 to 55 who come from different high Andean communities of the city of Cusco, who are farmers and ranchers and that is the only source of income economically for them, being porters in our company for them is a source of extra income with the end of taking their families forward and developing their locality.

Suitable equipment for our Inca Trail Porters

  1. footwear
  2. poles
  3. rain jacket
  4. polar jacket
  5. sun hat
  6.  cold hat
  7. daffor to carry the equipment
  8. trekking pants

Why is it mandatory to have chargers on the Inca Trail?

Before 1990, the Inca Trail was not regulated by the Peruvian government and tourists brought their own equipment, meals and cooked alone. Unfortunately, many of these first hikers did not respect the environment left a lot of garbage on the road thus contaminated to Pachamama or (Mother Tierrra). In order not to comtaminate or fill the road with garbage, which is one of the most incredible walks in the world. The government took note of this problem and initiated a project to protect the road. It was at this time that the permitting process began by limiting the number of people entering the trail to 500 per day for the crew and tourists.

The government began making these changes in 1990 and continuously becomes increasingly strict with the way to enter the road. You can only enter with a licensed tourism company; It is not possible to do it on your own. Each company can organize groups with a maximum of 16 hikers, 2 guides and 22 porters.

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Inca Trail Expeditions

Inca Trail Expeditios Offers a personalized service of quality and reliability, through the good attention of our duly trained staff, designing unique trips, at affordable prices, managing to exceed the expectations of our clients. One of our main objectives is to support the community local. Our wide variety of excursions to Machu Picchu and other incredible sites allows us to meet any need. We are sure that there is an expedition that suits your wishes.

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