The magnificent jungle of Manu is a paradise full of biodiversity, among its most representative species is the jaguar, the white caiman, the giant otter, the macaws. This tour to the jungle of the Amazon, you can go into the very heart of the jungle, with the native guides, who will teach you all the secrets and curiosities of the jungle of manu. Manu National Park is the closest jungle site to Cusco. Come and enjoy the best jungle adventure in Peru.

Basic Tour Information

Tour duration: 7 days

Travel Difficulty: easy

Maximum altitude: 3800 m

Trek distance: 558 km


Reservation from $980

Day 1


Difficulty: easy

Distance: 209 km

Altitude: 3800 m

On the first day of our adventure in the jungle of Manu, we will pick you up at your hotel in Cusco around 6 am aboard our private vehicle. The first part of the tour will be accomplished through the majestic Andean mountains. On our way to Paucartambo we will make a visit to the city of Huancarani. In addition we will also have the opportunity to discover the funeral towers Ninamarca, cemetery pre Lupacas Inca culture. We will continue our journey to Paucartambo appreciated for its folklore and city of colonial style.

Around noon we arrive at our destination coveted: the entrance to the Manu National Park, is one of the most protected natural areas in South America. On board our private vehicle, we aventurerons us on a dirt road, crossing a fog to cut with a knife. In this fog comes the nickname “Cloud Forest”. We will arrive at the house of the Peruvian National Bird, known for communal dances colorful birds of the rainforest. Surely you will enjoy this fabulous show complemented by an impressive array of sounds and colors typical of the jungle. It is at Rainbow Lodge we will spend a peaceful night to close this first day

gallito de las rocas
Day 2


Difficulty: easy

Distance: 50 km

Altitude: 600 m

At a very early hour, at 6:30 am, we will leave in the direction of Port Atalaya. On several occasions, we will make stops on our way to visit local farmers producing varieties of exotic fruits and the famous Coca plant. Thereafter, we will ship for a boat cruise; an excursion on the Madre de Dios River.

On this day, we will have the chance to see various birds with exotic colors such as parrots, orioles of america, vultures and many other volatile species. We stop near a natural hot water. Hopefully, we will contemplate some mammals of the jungle as monkeys or the capybara which is the largest rodent in the world. In the afternoon, around 15h, we arrive at our next accommodation, where you can enjoy showers and other amenities.

Sunset, right time for a ride, we will discover anthropoids, tarantulas, scorpions and snakes. For little envious, this activity is of course optional.

Manu Jungle Tours-Amazon
Day 3


Difficulty: easy

Distance: 60 km

Altitude: 800 m

After breakfast it was time to say goodbye to the waters of the Madre de Dios and continue on to other adventures. We cross the park by car for 5 hours. In periods of dry season, the beaches are home to nesting birds, herons, egrets and geese. These beaches also host caiman black and white colors and is used for breeding and breeding turtles. In addition, hundreds of sand-colored Nighthawks stand perched on logs during the day. That’s not all! It could be that we have the opportunity to observe jaguars or certain primate species, probably Red Howlers Monkeys and Squirrels. After a lunch by the river, we will arrive at Casa Matsiguenka where we will have the whole afternoon to explore the ways of the forest.

Before or after dinner, optional night excursion accompanied by your guide is available to you to go in search of nocturnal creatures. We spend the night in the Casa Matsiguenka, rustic accommodation built by the Matsiguenka themselves.

Day 4


Difficulty: moderate

Distance: 12 km

Altitude: 500 m

Once satiated our breakfast, we spend the morning at Lake Cocha Salvador. In order to get closer to aquatic animals, we sail by canoe. We could meet an Agami Heron or Capuchin monkey who usually eat nearby. We can also observe a family of otters living in this lake. The rest of the day we will walk in search of the 13 species of monkeys live in this forest. The guide will explain the main us know on the ecosystem of the rainforest and will present us some medicinal plants used by locals. Eventually, our route will cross a group of peccaries, a species of wild boar living in this area and we will finish this bright day with the sun followed by another night in the Casa Matsiguenka.

inca trail expeditions to the manu jungle
Day 5


Difficulty: moderate

Distance: 8 km

Altitude: 500 m

Today we will go for a walk lasting approximately 4-5 hours towards Cocha Otorongo. On our way, we’ll eventually led to come across groups of monkeys and especially the woolly spider monkeys and black. We look forward to visit Lake Cocha Otorongo where we have the opportunity to observe the flora and fauna of view.

Day 6


Difficulty: moderate

Distance: 10 km

Altitude: 500 m

We went towards the center of the fauna and flora into the rainforest. This center is actually a base for research scientific ornithology in the region and also serves as a tourist observatory for explorers of the rainforest. The afternoon will be the taste of relaxation, however if you wish, you can walk to an observation post on a cliff along the river to observe parrots at sunset.

Always for energetic and envious, night walk with your guide will be optional. Finally, to close this gorgeous day, we sleep in the lodge.manu jungle

Day 7


Difficulty: easy

Distance: 209 km

Altitude: 3800 m

After a peaceful night, we will go to Atalaya port where we will take our transportation back to Cusco while passing by the Cloud Forest. You will return to your hotel in Cusco around 17-18 hours.

manu amazon jungle tour


  • Land transportation
  • River transportation
  • 06 nights in our Amazon Lodge
  • 06 Lunch, 06 Dinner, 06 breakfast (vegetarian option available)
  • English tour guide
  • First aid kit


  • First breakfast
  • water for the first day
  • soft drinks
  • alcoholic drinks
  • souvenirs
  • tips
  • last dinner



  • Towel for the entire trip
  • Personal hygiene supplies & medicines for 3 days
  • Shoes for walking/hiking) sandals
  • Headlamp or torch
  • Hat, sunglasses and sun block
  • Insect repellent (recommend 80% DEET),
  • Waterproof gear, t-shirt with long sleeves, long pants, swimming gear/bathers
  • Warm clothing in case of cold weather
  • Binoculars, Camera
  • Back pack, day pack, plastic bags


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