How we work

How we work

Travelling the right Way

How we work in the organization of trips; Our style of travel — authentic, thoughtful, and focused on building meaningful connections to the people and places you visit — is inherently respectful and  considerate of the destinations we love. We design each aspect of your trip exactly as  you want it, which includes its sustainability. That might mean choosing a train journey  instead of a fl­ight, staying at eco-friendly wildlife lodges, or opting for experiences that  give back to the communities you’re visiting. The choice is yours.

With you at  every step

From the early planning stages of your trip  and the weeks of anticipation, through to  while you’re away, your specialist is the expert  you can rely on to guide you at every step.

We take time to understand you

First of all, we listen. From  your starting conversation,  the dedicated specialist who  creates your trip will get to  know you and what’s inspiring  you to travel.

We find experiences to  match your passions

If you have a particular passion,  we’ll ­nd ways for you to  explore it. Your specialist will  bring all your ideas together  and draw from their own deep  knowledge to choose the  experiences you’re seeking.

We create your trip  individually for you

Everything you tell us becomes  the inspiration behind the  trip we create for you. And,  once we know the motivation  behind your trip, we set about  creating it.


Once you’re happy, you can pay a deposit to secure your booking (usually 30% depending on the trip) which covers deposits for accommodation, train tickets,  and attractions fees. The full balance is required 1 week before your travel. We have an open, competitive pricing structure that ensures more money goes to where it's needed in the destination.

Pre Trip Support

We’re passionate about our  destinations, and we’re experts  on how they run. As you  anticipate your journey, you can  turn to your specialist for the  soundest and most up-to-date  practical advice.

During your trip

You will be met by one of our partners on the ground on arrival. If there are any hiccups, such as delayed flights, you’ll have a phone number and email address for emergencies. We’re also happy to help if you have any non-urgent questions. Otherwise, relax, explore, learn and enjoy!
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