Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days

Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days

Ausangate Trek, the Grand Andean Experience!

Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days

To the south of Cusco, between the valleys of the Vilcanota and Tinquimayo rivers, in the districts of Ccatcca, Ocongate and Marcapata, insurge, powerful and vital, the Ausangate Trek, a gigantic massif of about 100 kilometers long decorated by a multitude of snow-capped mountains that seem to touch the sky with their perpetual snows: one of them, the apu Ausangate, the main mountain, most notable and revered in southern Peru. During the Ausangate Trek circuit you will enjoy its beautiful blue, turquoise lakes.

On the Ausangate Trek route, you can also observe the agricultural work carried out by peasants and shepherds in these mountainous hills. On our tour we can see fields of crops of all colors and flavors. In the lands of the Ausangate route, corn, tubers (potatoes, ollucos, ocas, mashuas), cereals and legumes (beans and peas) of superlative beauty are produced. It should not be forgotten, in addition, that Peru is considered one of the seven megadiverse countries on the planet due to the varied ecosystems that the Andes mountain range creates.

Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days

Trip Highlights

  • Hike across remote Andean valleys and passes on the breathtaking Ausangate Trek
  • Share unique experiences with the last descendants of the Incas, you will learn their ancestral rites and traditions, hold a ceremony to Mother Earth with the sacred coca leaves
  • Experience the best trek of the Andes, with fabulous views of the Apu Ausangate, red, turquoise and green lakes.
  • Taste the only typical dish of the Incas “Pachamanca”
  • Connect your body and mind with the best energy of the apus and sacred mountains of the Incas
  • Discover the ancestral paths of the Quechuas with our local guides.
  • Get to know the textile tradition of the Andes of Cusco, learn the process of dyeing, warping and making ponchos, chullos and sweaters with alpaca wool, where the Quechuas embody their sacred symbolism.
  • You will discover the true magical and sacred world of the Andean priests, who still practice their ceremonies of gratitude to their sacred mountains and Pachamama (mother earth).
  • Immerse your knowledge about the agriculture of the Incas, in these towns it is possible to see this activity, where they grow the most delicious and colorful potatoes in the world.

Inclusions of this tour

Camping Tents 4 nights
Car, Van, Train, Boat
Private Guide, Driver, Cook, Porter, Travel Agent
4 Breakfast, 4 Lunch, 4 Dinner
Entrance fees, Excursions, Water
Not Includes
What is not included?
Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days
Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days
Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days
Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days
Day 1


4400 m
12 km
6 hrs

We’ll leave Cusco very early, heading towards the small town of Tinqui. We’ll observe the impressive Vilcanota mountain range and pass through several traditional towns.You will hike with sensational views including the spectacular Mount Ausangate and meeting local farmers wearing their costumes. Upon arrival we’ll meet the horsemen who’ll prepare everything necessary to start our adventure. We’ll walk for around 3 hours to the point where we’ll have lunch prepared by our chef. Afterwards, we’ll continue with another 2 hours of walking until we reach Upis where our comfortable camp will have already been set up. Here we’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the hot springs before our delicious dinner and a peaceful night’s rest in the middle of the mountains.

Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days | Inca Trail Expeditions

Camping Tents

Day 2


4850 m
12 km
7 hrs

Early wakeup call at 5:00 am with coca tea brought to your tent. You’ll enjoy a delicious and nutritious breakfast that will provide you with the necessary energy to continue our adventure. Today we’ll ascend to the Arapa Pass (4,850 masl / 15,912 fasl). After that, we pack up our belongings, and start hiking up to Arapa pass, which is uphill to 4958 m. From this privileged place you will be able to observe an impressive contrast in the landscape , the valley  with its brilliant greenness . Also, let yourself be astounded by the 3 beautiful and crystalline lagoons each with a particular shade: red, green, and turquoise. Then a slight decline to our lunch spot near Lake Pucacocha. After having the delicious food we keep walking uphill get the second pass called Pucacocha pass(5000m) then we will go downhill another couple hours to our campsite called Ananta. Along the way, we will appreciate different glacier peaks, rivers, small lakes, alpacas, local herders, and llamas, of course, you will always be with your guide who will explain the area to you. There you’ll feel how your heart vibrates in front of the huge glacier while you enjoy a nutritious dinner before bed.

Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days | Inca Trail Expeditions

Camping Tent

Day 3


5150 m
13 km
7 hrs

Very early in the morning, after satisfying hunger with an exquisite breakfast, we’ll ascend for 2 or 3 hours to the second pass of our excursion, the Apuchata Pass (4,900 masl / 16,076 fasl). From here we’ll descend for 1.5 hours to Ausangate Qocha where we’ll have lunch while enjoying the amazing landscape. After our lunch, we will ascend 2 hours until we reach the Palomani Pass (5,100 masl / 16,732 fasl) and then we’ll go downhill to the small community of Huchuy Pinaya where our camp will already be set up. Here a comfortable night of rest awaits you after savoring the delicious dinner that our chef will have prepared with care.

Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days | Inca Trail Expeditions

Camping Tent

Day 4


5300 m
15 km
7 hrs

In the morning, we wake up early to have breakfast, then  we begin hiking up to the highest point of the Ausangate trail of our trip at 5300m called Palomani Pass, a place that is surrounded by several snowy peaks. After 3 hours and 1/2 half, you can see the Qomerqocha lagoon, where we will go for lunch. After having lunch, we continue walking for about 2 hours more until reaching the community of Pacchanta (4,000 m / 13,000 ft), this place still preserves many of its traditions. By the way, this community has hot springs, and if you like, you can enjoy a relaxing bath. Here we will stop to build our camp and spend our last night.

Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days | Inca Trail Expeditions

Camping Tent

Day 5


4200 m
7 km
3 hrs

In the morning we’ll have breakfast and begin our journey towards the Tinqui community for 2 hours. Once there, we will board a van that will take us directly to the city of Cusco. Our estimated arrival time is at sunset.

Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days | Inca Trail Expeditions

Best season to travel

The best time to visit Peru is during the dry season, between May and November, when the weather is dry and bright, with more frequent rainfall occurring between November and April.

JANUARY Warm - Heavy Rain
FEBUARY Warm - Heavy Rain
MARCH Warm - Heavy Rain
APRIL Warm - Light Rain
OCTOBER Hot - Warm
NOVEMBER Warm - Light Rain
DECEMBER Warm - Heavy Rain

Classic Ausangate Trek in Peru 5 days

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What to Bring for this tour

Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days Warm jackets
Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days Hydration bladder
Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days Wool socks
Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days Camera
Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days Scarf
Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days First aid kit
Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days Hiking shoes
Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days Dry bags
Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days Trekking Poles
Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days Sun cream
Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days Snack
Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days Sun hat
Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days Bathing suite
Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days Rain coat
Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days Sandals
Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days Insect repellent
Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days Passport
Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days Down Jackets
Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days Toilet paper
Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days Daypack
Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days Wool cap
Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days Head lamp
Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days Gloves
Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days Sun glasses
Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days Cap
Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days Extra cash
Classic Ausangate Trek 5 Days Trekking pants

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